Abstract art a woman
Abstract art a woman
Artwork by Anoushka Alexander — Instagram @thatpatakakudi

Caught amidst worlds, contradicting realities
The gift of vision of truth, the curse of perception
She dances in a world painted by the sun
A mystical place where shadows rest

It’s her face, the sadness it portrays
The million lies she set ablaze
She dies everyday caught in the dichotomy
Between the rambling poet and the quiet marionette

Crazy daisy they would say
Unkempt hair, a beautiful disarray
She is a world on her own
Locked away in a three dimensional prison

A Rorschach test, at a fool’s behest
Take her away, wipe clean her messy slate
She digests what is shoved down, strings that are tugged on
The marionette is called upon

But she still lives, somewhere within.

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Have you ever wondered if in life you’ve been dealt a good hand or a bad hand? Have you ever watched someone silently endure a never-ending downpour with hopeful eyes? Have you ever held out an umbrella for someone drowning in the rain?

We go through life, with the people close to us, supporting them in all the ways possible, standing firmly on those holding us up. We help them in many ways, sometimes it’s a smile, a hug, and other times it’s a conversation. We lead separate lives, separate journeys of navigating through the chaos; yet we are connected by our dreams. Helping each other grow, helping each other see. Together! …

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Break the silence

The human society has always been a patriarchy characterized by the oppression of women and blatant misuse of power by men. This trend can be traced throughout history, and religion. Its essence surfaces in certain religious practices and cultural traditions. A pair of fresh eyes to the situation would pose the obvious question of why hasn’t anyone spoken out against this unfair treatment. A simple question with a complex answer because of the diversity of people involved. Whilst some men enjoy the position of power, some are burdened with the weight of their brothers’ actions. …

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Down the road as we go
The dreams that were left behind
by immortal souls, speak to us
Through things they touched.
Stories that were left unfinished
Yearn for their protagonists

With lives so short and dreams so mighty
We are humble folks rich with dreams
That one day we may seize.

They say the past resonates
A striking coincidence of
Untimely deaths of noble souls.
Yet, we don’t stop.
Hoping to be the prodigy
The ones to complete
The missions of the martyrs.

We are small folks filled with dreams
That we may never reach,
Because when you have so many lives
You stay there frozen, too afraid to let go. …

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The house stood alongside hundred other houses. Tarpaulin roof supported by parched mud walls, surrounded by thatched fences to keep the snakes out. Water seeping out from the basement floods the land up to the door. A soft melody wafted out from the house. A happy song, contrary to the life they lived. It sounded almost out of place but the funny thing about hope is that when shattered it grows back stronger than ever before.

The sky risers around which such houses coexist portray an Elysium of sorts. A contrasting image of good fortune and a series of bad fate. …

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Once upon a time, a blacksmith came to the rescue of farmers who struggled to turn the heavy and sticky prairie soil with conventional plows designed for the light and sandy soils of New England. This blacksmith was John Deere. He caused a chain reaction that would later revolutionize the fields of agriculture and marketing. Although his demise occurred before he could witness his company transform the marketing realm by inventing content marketing through ‘The Furrow’, his name lives on in the company name. Even before content marketing was mainstream, the company came up with an idea to market their products through ‘The furrow’ which was initially released as a “journal for the American farmer”. John Deere’s ‘The Furrow’ was way ahead of its time and it quickly grasped the attention of the people to become the most widely circulated farm magazine in the world. …

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The Garden of Earthly Delights, Painting by Hieronymus Bosch, 1515.

Characters in the world’s biggest dystopian tale
Our stories connected by an inevitable end
When you search for the rope to escape the fall
from down below I will remind you of the times
climate changed and you thought I was deranged

Characters in society’s imaginary tale
How you should behave, they must pave
In a vicious matrix locked from the inside
you pace back and forth wearing their eyes
From the adjacent cell I whisper about their lies

Characters in a puppet show by marionettes
The carefully hidden strings paint an illusion
of the days you won and the days you lost
Presented by corporate controlled media
From the front row, I laugh at your…

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She ran with the cheetahs
fast with unbraided pigtails.
After all she has been running forever.
Rejected by her own herd,
she set upon a brave new endeavor.
To find meanings so profound,
to survive one of life’s worst hands.

She wrestled with the chimpanzees.
The friends, the foes all the same for the beautiful doves.
A place to belong, impossible for long.
Until she saw the pack of wolves
howling and growling of brotherhood.
A different vibe, new member to the tribe.
Just what society didn’t prescribe.

Branded, judged, ostracized.
Her life was hypothesized.
The sapiens, another patriarchy
She was nowhere in the hierarchy.
She ran till she could
fast with unbraided pigtails.
After all it was all she knew.

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The world seems so small
You try standing tall
Keep running, the cheese you must eat
Forget your aching feet
You are the Hamster in a wheel
No one cares about what you feel

Cursed to run barefoot
Focused on what lay above
Taunting you to reach out
Hiding the truth, you will never be
Your real goal should be to be free

The moment you realise this
The sound of the lash making you run faster
Don’t you dare disobey the master
You are just a hamster in a wheel
Going round and round
Chasing a false destiny

You question your reality
But there’s no stopping the wheel
Keep running till the clock runs out
Run till your shadow fades
The treat keeps slipping away
So close maybe next time
The illusion of a life
That keeps you from the…

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Bob Marley is one of the most misunderstood, yet immortal spirits of the century. He was a truly great man who lived a very spiritual life of his own. Sadly, he is widely considered as a bad influence on children because of his Rastafarian ideals of using cannabis. In Kerala, if you wore a Bob Marley Tee, you will probably be booked for smoking weed. I assign blame on both the officials and the stoners because both parties do not know what Bob Marley represented, they just assume that he just wanted to smoke pot all the time and the Government didn’t let him. The level of ignorance that persists among the people is astounding and needs to be addressed. In this post I am going to educate you about a great man and analyse his life spiritually. …


Sriram Sankar

Currently chasing a dream in Astrophysics. Writer/Poet. Content Marketer. Mechanical Engineering Graduate.

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